***RaceWalk Coach ~Personal Fitness Trainer~Costume Character***

Stadium to Sea…Predicting an Elvis Sighting on 3/21/2010!


**A BLAST FROM THE PAST**Coach Fran here!!!..Believe it or not

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, as a former Olympic Trials competitor, World Cup Racewalking Team Member, and currently the L.A. Leggers Official Racewalking Coach…I confess that I still have a continued passion for being outlandish Costume Characters!..Everybody should add a little character to spice up the boring hum drum stuff, like going to work!…Thank God I get to do what I do!!…I really do enjoy my life to the fullest!!….Also

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, as a Personal Fitness Trainer, I have had the Best Clientele to train and I get you to have Serious Fun through it all!!..You will never get bored with me!!!

Yes you heard it straight from the impersonator herself….I’ll be trying to look like Elvis and having fun every step of the way during the L.A. Marathon! I will be up at 3amish and getting all decked out…you can’t miss me!!…

Elvis will be entering the building of the Double Tree Hotel all spaced out!…Elvis came back in a Time Capsule from the 70’s!…I’ll be sporting sideburns,Digital Shades, and Bling Bedazzled!!…But I’m also back from the future with my Lazer Lenses to track me down via satelite!!…

Oh!…Elvis will be taking the 5:30am Shuttle…321…Blast Off!!!…But I heard we won’t be going vertical?!!…We will be taking the Party Train to Down Town to our destination at L.A. Dodgers Stadium…Our meet and greet will be on 3rd Base I was told?!!!

Elvis will not be wearing a plastic trash bag to stay warm…I’ll be Dancing and a Stretching and a Singing and just having a Blast!!!…

I’m all for the finishing marathon pictures, but a before picture would be nice to see as proof that I did Elvis justice…I just might finish looking like a mini Howard Coselle, Walter Matthau, or George Jetson!!…So I’m going for photo ops sooner than later!…

*Since doing all but one Rock’n’Roll Heavy Medal series in 2008

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, and getting to be part of a unique crowd of Elvi’s during the San Diego Rock’n’Roll Marathon, there is no going back to just doing a marathon…But only in a costume of some kind to jazz the time out on the course!!….

My two Adorable Clients are all for the fun, but their Priority… Staying Focused! …They are two of a kind…MentallyTough… Determined 1st time Marathoners anxious to go the distance from Stadium to Sea…2010 L.A..Marathon!…Clara is my same age and Carmelita is Ageless!!…Witnessing Carmelita go Endlessly,this Energizer Bunny will Inspire you!!…Stay tuned for…*”Travels with Carmelita”*

Surprisingly, Coach Fran is used to Hamming it up in front of large crowds I must confess…I’ve been Warner Bros. Costume Characters in the past, and searched the other day for my Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as Daffy Duck!…I was shocked that Miss Piggy was no where to be found either?!…Currently, I’m the Infamous Crowd Pleaser for Corporate Running Events…I’m so lucky to be given the opportunity to Move and Groove Newbies in the wee A.M. hours for FRAN’S~IMPROV~AWE… Aerobic Warm-Up Entertainment…a.k.a…FRAN’S Dance Party!!..

**Off ‘N Running Tours** is where I first got introduced to this craze!!…Cheryl Anker started her Running Tours company before it became In Vogue!….As a Race Director she invited me to do the Aerobic Warm-Up for the Western Hemisphere Marathon… as none other than Charlie Chaplin!…Since then, I’ve teamed up with her Corporate Events…Plus joining in on her *”Running from the Papparazzi Tour”*….

**Go to Links… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_pDqbIl6ug

** http://www.offnrunningtours.com….Enjoy the Shows!!!

**Coach Fran here… showing my “* Walking On Water*” Teaching Technique…Just to let you know an Instant Benefit to Finish races Faster!!!…Next Fran’s** Aerobic Warm-Up Entertainment**..”Dancing in the Streets”…in front of The Staple Center…L.A. Live!!…Best A.M. Dance Party in Downtown Los Angeles!!…Join the Party Tour!!…Ask for Details**

**What’s Coach Fran


, Carmelita’s and Clara’s next adventure?…..Greece is the Word!!!…Come join us in Experiencing where the Olympics first began!…

**Marathon Thrill Seekers Wanted!!!..We welcome Bodies Ready for Challenges!!… Coach Fran’s*Travel’n’Training* Program …Coming soon!!!

Take care

Coach FRAN~~~



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