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This Just In … *Mini* Racewalk *Clinics* with Coach FRAN~~~

Coming Soon!!…**Make Your Party Reservations for Your Next Clinic**…Sign Up Now!!!***Experiencing My Clinics will be Seriously ENTERTAINING!!…As well as… Out of this World Unique Training!!!…Yes Years of Proven Methods to get my Clients to Learn and Remember!!…It’s EZ!!…FUN!!!…What more Can You Ask For!!!…

Hello Everybody


NEWS FLASH!!…Coach FRAN here…L.A. Leggers Official Racewalking Coach, will be offering my new *Mini* Racewalk *Clinics*…entitled *”Head to Toe Fitness”* …You know this is just My Specialty!!…I hope you’ve gotten the chance to hear me Guest Speak and to see my Racewalk Demo Up the Ramp

, because it will make You Want to Learn How to Go Up Hills Fast!!!~~~~~~*Contact…fran-at-franbustos.com*
***~~ Fran’s~~ Olympic Trials and World Cup Hey^Day!!…~~* My Solutions For Getting F.I.T…Going the Distance…Plus Staying Injury-Free!!!..*Ramp^Workouts*…*Soft~Sand~Training*…*Hill^Repeats^’Beyond!!!…
*Here’s the Secret…All Exercises Must Be Learned Properly to Excell to Your Next Level!…Yes pictures of FRAN “Striking a Pose” for the Camera!…But as You Can See…The End Results Got Me Elite Level Sports Status!!…Notice I’m also *Walking On Cloud NINE*…

I’ve got over 20 years of experience in the Aerobic Industry and as a Personal Fitness Trainer known for my Safe and Effective Techniques….I’ve also got Expertise as a Competitive Racewalker in the 1992 Olympic Trials and I made the 1993 Women’s World Cup Racewalking Team!!…I can get You Fit and Fast


, Plus Stronger for Longer Distances!!…Get Ready to Learn *26.2 Training Tips* to Launch You to the Next Level at each race you enter!!!
*Any interested Walking Enthusiasts or Curious Runners that Want Faster Times for 2014 L.A. Marathon and More…Then it’s Time to Fine Tune Your Technique for some P.R.’s!!!…My Training Techniques can be applied to Enhance your Current Training!!…

(*****Ask CARMELITA…As you can see she is my Endless Energizer Bunny and also Wins Every RACE she enters!!!…Talk about Results!…She is Living Proof!!!*****)

*Just to let you know that My Intention is not to convert everybody into a “racewalker”…It’s the Technique that’s so Valuable for Longevity in Your Sport!!… Since we all know throughout the day we do more walking than running…What better Gift to Give Your Body than an Important Tool…Trust me

, Racewalking will give Your Body Less Stress and Less Impact!!…Best Lifelong Cross Training Hands Down!* ( ~**Travel’s with Carmelita**~…Coming Soon!!)*CONTACT:…fran-at-franbustos.com*
~~**Carmelita is Going the Distance in Life and On the Trails**~~

*******In my *Mini* Racewalk *Clinics* You will Learn How to Use Your Muscles instead of your joints, ligaments and tendons….Making Every Step you take More Efficient for Your Mileage Training Journey!…and Most Important…Learning How To Stay Injury Free!!…The Benefits are Endless!!!*******Highly Recommended for EveryBody!!!***
Sincerely Coach FRAN~~~
*******************************************************************************  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*So gather your **”Party of Two,Three or Four”** for a more Effective *Semi-Private* or *Small Group Training* Session…The Sooner you Get Started, you will Reap all the Benefits of this Olympic Sport as a Wonderful Cross Training for your Walking, Running or to Get You Back On Track if you are currently injured…Yes, even if you’ve been rehabbing for a while, this is the Best Time and Solution!*
**Now Training Buddies…Like Minded Bodies…You know the people you can be comfortable around for 1 to 2 hours!!…It’s Best to Gather as a group of Walkers

, Runners, Injured, so my Demonstrations Apply to your Specific group…Your Pace Is Not important in My Clinics because You are all Learning New Information**
(**Don’t Worry Be Happy!…Because You will Get Faster!…Especially when You take the Next Step…*Workshop Workouts*…But remember that Clinics come before Workshops**
~~*”Mini* Racewalk *Clinics*~~
** Beginners*- participants who have never taken a Clinic with me or if you are Currently Injured or Still Rehabbing…

** Intermediates*- participants have taken my Clinic in the past, and you need to Polish Your Technique to Improve your race Times!!..

** Advanced*- participants have taken my Clinic before and trained with me, and now considering to Win Your Age category or Wanting to become a Competitive Racewalker in Judged Races!…Hat’s Off to You!!…

**Yes to Get To the Next Level…Learning my Technique Training Tips will Get You To the Finish Line Faster!!!…**
*** Party Reservations for…* Beginners * Intermediates * Advanced ***
* “Party of Two”- is for a 1 hour session*
* “Party of Three”- is for a 90 minute session*
* “Party of Four”- is for a 2 hour session*
** The cost for each participant is $50…
** Cash or Check payable to “Fran Bustos”…
** Payment Collected prior to Your Clinic…
* Please bring the correct amount* Thanks*
…Believe Me, You Will Enjoy every minute of Information and Training Techniques, unlike any other!!!..says Coach FRAN~~~

***This is like my *Specialized Premium Fitness Training*!!!… I charge regularly $75 for Individualized Training for a 1 hour session!…You will be getting all the Benefits of Personal Training in a *Semi-Private* or* Small Group Training* in just only 1 session…You will be Amazed that You Can Use these Tips right away!!
** I’m taking Reservations for whenever Your Party is Available…It can be during the week Monday thru Friday…AM…NOON…PM…Sundays…Saturdays on Low Mileage Weekends…It’s Up To You to Get Your Party Started!!!…So Book Your Party Today!!**
***Future Opportunities***Yes it’s Turbo Coach Fran!!…***

*** Once you’ve taken a Clinic or a Personal Training Session with me

, then You Can Further Your Training with Coach FRAN’s…….
***New’n’Improved**Exercise~ Track~ Club***!!…It’s the Deal of the Decade!!*** Don’t Miss Out on All of *FRANS* FUN *FiTNESS* Starting Soon!!!…Also Check out my new *Mini* Workshops*…Coming Soon!!***

Welcome back Leggers and Welcome Newbies!!…I look forward to seeing All of you soon!!!…*To Post Comments Scroll Down to Success Stories*

** For Details on Reservations and Location…you can Contact Me by my email address…


Thank You

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(Read On…*Further Details about *Mini* Racewalk *Workshops* and Exercise Track Club!!!)
Coach FRAN~~~


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